Dubbing & Subtitling

Dubbing & Subtitling

Our Services include

• Dubbing
• Transcription
• Subtitling
• Translation

We have the latest technology available for professional film dubbing for entertainment, educational & corporate industries. We can lip-synch your project into Arabic, Asian & European languages. Each project is done by native speakers who work together to capture both the language & culture of the country for which the program is being dubbed.

Our scope of work includes translating, subtitling and dubbing in classical Arabic, Egyptian Dialect, Syrian Dialect, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Persian & Urdu.

No matter what you create or whom you want to reach, we can help you. We work with film, television, news media, localizing your programs into new languages & cultures with accuracy and flair.

With our own facilities throughout the world, we are closer to the markets you care about. We take quality just as seriously as you do, bringing global talent together on every project and delivering on time and budget.


We are experts in dubbing, voice-over, subtitling and translation, offering best-in-class post-production, creative, access and interpreting services, at a reasonable cost. We localise movies, TV series, documentaries, corporate communications, promos, advertising material, websites and much more.Our stringent team ensure that your content will be produced by the most creative and knowledgeable minds in the business.


As long as you choose our Premium Transcripts or our Ultra Transcripts, you can rest assured that our independent quality assurance team will audio audit every word typed by our transcriptionists. Unlike our competitors, we don’t simply “proofread” your documents for spelling, punctuation and formatting. Rather, we deliver simply awesome transcripts that we’ve 100% audio audited and quality assured for 99%+ accuracy.


Subtitling is the best choice for giving all aspects of film and video an international impact, allowing clients to market their film or product to other countries and cultures without compromising their original message. We offer foreign language subtitling service in multiple media formats for film, television, VOD,SVOD, Beta (HD/SD) & DVD in over 90 languages.We can quickly and accurately prepare your scripts from audiotape, videotape or printed material. Our subtitle work is tailored to each particular project and we furnish highest quality subtitles in terms of readability, through font style and color as well as reading speed, and adaptation of language to each particular culture.


To us, that means accuracy down to the letter, careful consideration of relevant cultural implications, and language that fits industry standards. No matter how lengthy, involved, or technical your text may be, our diverse team of professionals ensure the translation is executed with ease and precision. We hand-pick translators with expertise in your field and desired languages – this ensures superior quality translation suited for a global market.


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