Info-Graphic Videos

Info-Graphic Videos

Media Production

• TV Ads
• Radio Ads
• Documentary Movies
• Info-graphics
• 2D & 3D Animations

Infographics are the smart new digital way of communicating ideas, data and knowledge – quickly and efficiently.They explain often complex information using graphics and highly distilled copy.

Great infographics get straight to the point and capture attention using graphs, charts, icons, symbols and stylish illustrations. They’re the perfect companion to traditional press releases and text-heavy white papers, and help spread your message via social media and websites that share the best infographics with Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

Our team of media experts will guide you through production phases starting from the Pre-production phase to the Post–production phase (Creative Consultation / Collaboration, Visualization, Locations Scouting, Casting, Shooting Permits and Budgeting).

MIND produces TV Commercials, Documentary Movies, Info-graphics 2D & 3D Animations, and Radio Ads.

We also can provide the best equipment, and the finest crew to serve your production plans anywhere in Africa & the Middle East.

MIND offers integrated solutions for music, audio and video production, bringing together top-of-the-line technology and client comfort in one suite space. Whether you want to record a radio ad, produce a movie sound track or record a commercial, we take care of everything.


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