Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery

As  a  tertiary  healthcare  facility,  MIH  provides  a  comprehensive  service

including inpatient and out-patient clinics.

We provide 24/7 cardiac diagnostic and interventional services.

We provide both cardiac and thoracic surgeries with the latest techniques like  open  heart  surgery  while  beating  and  video-assisted  thoracoscopic

surgery  (VATs) for major thoracic surgeries with minimally invasive access.

  • Our services:

Cardiac Electrophysiology.

lnterventional cardiology.

On-pump heart surgery.

Beating heart surgery.

Congenital heart surgery.

Minimally invasive thoracic

surgery (Thoracoscopy- Mediastinoscopy).


Nuclear Cardiology.


  • Our Consultants (Cardiothoracic Surgery):

Prof. Dr/ Ahmed Hussein Gaafar

Prof. Dr/ Tarek EI-Tawel

Prof. Dr/ Mohamed EI-Badawy

  • Our Consultants:

Prof. Dr/ Khairy Abdeldayem

Prof. Dr/ Omar Awad

Prof. Dr/ Hazem Elgendy

Prof. Dr/ Sameh Thabet

Prof . DrI Tarek Khairy Abdeldayem

Prof. Dr/ Ehab Attiya

Prof. Dr/ Nabil Farag

Prof. DrI Mazen Tawfeek

Prof. Dr/ Khaled Refaat Abdel Meguid

Prof. Dr/ Ahmed Tamara

Prof. Dr/ Hazem Khorshid

Prof. Dr/ Waleed Elashkar