Clinical Laboratory

The diagnostic immunology unit carries out the laboratory tests required for diagnosis of hormone imbalances, virology and tumor markers for early

screening and detection of malignancies.

The hematology unit is performing different tests for blood counting, diagnosis of different types of anemia and coagulation investigations.

The  microbiology  and  bacteriology  unit  is providing culturing and identification of pathogenic bacteria with defecation of anti bigram sensitivity of these organisms, diagnoses of T.B, also haymow agglutination  techniques for bilharzias.

The parasitological unit provides examination of urine,stools and seminal fluid.

It's important  to clear that all the diagnostic  laboratory tests are performed using fully automated instruments and that all sophisticated  and routine techniques  are done by technologists, chemists and professional doctors.

Also we are continuously doing calibration and Q.C. Tests on routine daily basis to insure accuracy of results.

Prof. Doctor


Prof. Doctor