Electroencephalograph (EEG) Unit

EEG unit is located in 3rd floor of main hospital building. Two expert professors of   University  hospitals as well as three  EEG technicians are managing the unit .EEG Tracing is issued over printed papers and on compact discs (COs) to facilitated review By most neurologists elsewhere.

EEG is a safe technique  having no harms to body or brain. It can be performed for children and pregnant ladies without any hazardous effects. EEG traces the normal and abnormal Brain electrical waves output by our mind. EEG helps physician for Accurate diagnoses of different cases.

It is  used  in cases  of  headache  and  migraine,  convulsions  and epilepsy,  meningitis and  Encephalitis,  absent  mid and scholastic difficulties, nocturnal enuresis, loss of attention and Concentration, sudden colic, sleep disturbances,  lie detection, sudden Behavior changes e.g.  Kleptomania, firing and obsession, attention Deficit Hyperkinetic disorder Autism, depress ive and anxiety episodes, est.