Our Nephrology department is an essential component within our plan for comprehensive care for inpatient and outpatient care with extended ICU Misr International hospital Dialysis Center is one of the most important centers is Egypt.

We are leading a program for renal transplantation in the country.

  • Our services:

Acute renal failure post-operative, pre-renal, hepatorenal and drug


Chronic renal Failure.


Electrolyte abnormalities.

Preparation and follow up of renal transplantation.

Hemodialysis  (Acute & Chronic).

Peritoneal dialysis.

Slow continuous hemodialysis therapy

  • Our Consultants:

Prof. Dr/ Amr Ayyad

Prof. Dr/ Mohamed Zayed

Prof. Dr/ Mohamed Nasrallah

Prof. DrI Yasser EI-Messiry

Prof. Dr/ Ehab Amer

Prof. Dr/ Hatem Darwesh

Prof. Dr/ Yaser Abdelhamid

Prof. Dr/ Mahmoud Elalfy

Prof. Dr/ Mohamed Elkhateeb

Prof. Dr/ Mona Roushy