Our  Orthopedics  department  offers  some  of  the  most  advanced surgeries within the region.

We have a highly qualified team of consultants and in-house specialists The  department   is  equipped  with  state-of-the-art   technology   in  all sub-specialties of orthopedics.

  • Our services:

Trauma Cases

Joint Replacements

Advanced Spine Surgeries


Surgeries of all joints


Pediatric orthopedic surgery

Hand Surgeries

Upper Limb Surgeries

Pelvic Surgeries

Sports Surgeries

  • Our Consultants:

Prof. Dr/ Ahmed Abd EI-Aziz

Prof. Dr/ Ashraf Moharam

Prof. DrI Khaled Fawzy

Prof. Dr/ Abdelsalam Shohaib

Prof. Dr/ Khaled Abdelsalam Shohaib

Prof. Dr/ Mohamed Elshewy

Prof. Dr/ Ayman Mansour

Prof. Dr/ Mahmoud Abdelaziz

Prof. Dr/ Ehab Saleh

Prof. Dr/ Sherif Ibrahim

Prof. Dr/ Hassan Elbarbary