Radiology / MRI / CT

Our radiology department is a specialty of medicine that uses ionizing  and  non-ionizing  radiation  for  the  diagnosis  and treatment of disease.

Radiology uses imaging technologies, such as X-ray radiography, Magnetic   resonance   imaging   (MRI),   Nuclear   medicine,

Ultrasound and Computed Tomography  (CT) to see within the human body in order to diagnose disease and abnormalities. Imaging means creating a picture of the inner configuration of a dense object, which in radiology usually means a part of the human body whit the use of radiation.

Misr international Hospital provides comprehensive world-class interventional and diagnostic imaging, subspecialty expertise in fetal Imaging, Neuro-interventional radiology for musculoskeletal and sports injuries, nuclear medicine, full body imaging and interventional radiology including radiofrequency  (RF) ablation procedures.

Our imaging center  offers  24/7 services  backed  up with  a team of highly qualified radiologists.


Multi-Slice CT.

3D & 4D ultra sound units with multiple probes State-of-the-art  digital X-ray units (3 units) Breast imaging units (both x-ray and US)

(3 Tesla)  MRI.

lnterventional Radiology department.



Prof. Dr/ Nabil Khatar

Prof. DrI Nagi Khatar

Prof. Dr/ Hassan EI-Kiki